Which is the right Pack for my student?

The Complete Pack includes both the Student Pack and Classroom Pack—all the supplies your child needs for the upcoming school year. You will need one Complete Pack per student enrolled at Olde Orchard.

The Student Pack includes only the personal school supplies your child needs for the upcoming year. You will still need to buy the required classroom supplies for each student before the first day of school.

The Classroom Pack includes only the classroom supplies your student needs for the schoolyear. If you don’t buy a Classroom Pack for each student, you’ll need to buy these supplies somewhere else before the first day of school.


What’s in my child’s Pack?

Your child’s Pack is personalized by his or her teacher. Click here for more information on what’s in our Packs. 


What isn’t in my child’s Pack that I still need to supply?

In addition to your child’s Student and Classroom Packs, each student also requires:

  • $15 activity fee (click here for tutorial)

  • book bag or backpack

  • headphones (no earbuds please) in a baggie with your student’s name on them to be left at school

Grade K students also require a complete change of uniform in a baggie with the student’s name on it to be left at school.


What is a Sponsor Pack? What does Sponsorship include?

Each Sponsor Pack provides our Complete Pack (both the Student Pack and Classroom Pack) for an Olde Orchard student in need of school supplies. Also included is a FREE Olde Orchard Spiritwear T-shirt for your student with each Sponsorship you purchase. This shirt can be worn in place of a uniform shirt—not just on P.E. days but every day when worn with uniform bottoms.

Add a Sponsor Pack to your cart to help an Olde Orchard student in need of supplies!


How is my Pack delivered? How much is shipping?

All Panda Pride Packs are delivered straight to Olde Orchard. Student Packs will be at your child’s desk on the first day of school. Classroom Packs are provided directly to your student’s teacher. There is no charge for shipping.


When do I get my free T-shirt?

If you’ve purchased a Sponsor Pack, your T-shirt will be sent home with your child within the first two weeks of school while supplies last. If your size is not in stock, your shirt will be ordered with the first Spiritwear order of the school year.


Why don’t you sell headphones and backpacks?

Because headphones and backpacks may not need replaced every year like school supplies, we’ve decided to sell only consumables in our Packs. We’re hoping to sell headphones and backpacks as individual add-ons as soon as next year. Stay tuned!


What if I want to buy my own school supplies?

Although we believe Panda Pride Packs are the easiest and most cost-effective way to buy school supplies, you may buy supplies on your own if you prefer. The 2019-20 school supply lists can be found here.


This sounds like a lot of work! How can I volunteer?

We would love your help! Please contact Olde Orchard’s Parent Engagement Coordinator at bmeiling@columbus.k12.oh.us or on Dojo to be part of the Shop Panda Pride Team.